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Parrock Lumb Cottages were renovated over a 5 year period by David and Moira Mitchell. The Dairy and The Shippon opened in November 2006 and Parrock Lumb Farm was completed for Easter 2008

Modern, spacious, comfortable interiors are hidden behind deep stone walls with traditional grey slate roofs and tonnes of hidden insulation to maximise warmth and heat retention

Each cottage is fully furnished to high standards ready for guests to relax in their contemporary surroundings. Underfloor heating on both floors ensures pleasure throughout even barefoot if you like.

No queues! With an ensuite shower room, master bathroom and additional downstairs toilets

Glass and chrome, oak furniture, leather suites, soft furnishings in simple colours give a relaxing backdrop for your stay in Rossendale at the top of the valley.

Full kitchens have every utensil, pots and pans you need to cook up a feast or enjoy a good takeaway. Dishwasher, microwave, double oven etc etc.